‘The Clavichords of C. P. E. Bach and Haydn’, talk delivered at the British Clavichord Society meeting in London, 21 November 1998.
‘Clavichord Making in the 1890’s and Today’, article that appeared in the William Morris Society Newsletter, Summer 2007.
Link to: ‘Understanding the clavichord’, a talk delivered to the British Clavichord Society meeting in Kendal, Cumbria, in 2003.
‘Aspects of Clavichord Design and Set-up’, a talk delivered to the British Clavichord Society meeting in Edinburgh in 2002.
‘The Temperament of the Donat Clavichord’, web-site essay, July 2002.
Twined strings for Clavichords. This is a new and updated essay, replacing the ‘Workshop News’ of November 2003
‘Two Books on Temperament’: a review (which first appeared in BCS Newsletter 41) of recent books by Ross Duffin and Alexander Mackenzie of Ord.
‘Arnold Dolmetsch’s Clavichord-Making in the Years before 1914’: full text of an article which first appeared in De Clavicordio VIII (proceedings of the 2007 Magnano Clavichord Symposium). NB.: this is a PDF file – you will need Adobe Reader to access this document. See also ‘Research Documents’ below.


The following is a selection of past issues of ‘Workshop News’:

Restoration (August 2001)
Starting a new instrument (December 2001)
Swedish clavichords (May 2002)
Taking on a trainee (September 2002)
Setting up a clavichord (March 2004)
Thoughts on copying (May 2005)
Making and using over-wound strings (September 2005)
Sustain, and how to achieve it (July 2006)
Decoration on clavichords(August 2007)
Variability in design of old clavichords(December 2007)


A list of surviving clavichords with short-and-broken bass octave. Updated April 2008.
A checklist of keyboard instruments in the St Petersburg Museum. Updated March 2008.
A checklist of clavichords made by members of the Schiedmayer family. Updated March 2008.
Surviving clavichords attributed to Johann Heinrich Silbermann. Updated March 2011.
Link to The Arnold Dolmetsch Clavichord of 1896–7 in the Edinburgh University Collection: a restoration report by John Barnes. (PDF – you will need Adobe Reader to access this document).

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